Monday, July 6

post apocalyptic visions

A chat with c this weekend at greek about abandoned detroit, tent cities and homeopathy led me to some of these cool sites. Who knew our world was dotted with so many lost worlds. It's like looking into the future.

from detroityes

wiki provides a cool (but small) before and after shot of this theatre

to see more of these pics and find out about the collapse of downtown detroit in the late 1980s and 1990s, go here.

from weburbanist

The Pod City of San Zhi, Taiwan

The Lawless Kowloon Walled City, Hong Kong

To see more of these pics and check other really freaky lost constructions in Asia, go here.

The one insert there on a theme park in korea reminds me of a park i discovered in my last year in hsinchu, taiwan. It was completely hidden away and desolate and had the greatest collection of weirdass replica statues from across the world. Will try find the pics...anyway, moving along...

Chernobyl: The buildings of Prypiat
by artificial owl

the town that was swallowed by sand



there's quite a cool write up on this abandoned 1908 diamond mining town here.

The Lost Highway of Cape Town


ok so hardly an abandoned wonder, these unfinished flyovers are one of the Mother City's most perplexing landmarks to any newcomer.

construction is believed to have been halted due to bad financial planning and while there are those that have hopes that they will be completed at some point in the future, these eyesores provide the city with exobitant amounts of dosh from film crews. (besides, if they were going to finish them it would've been factored into the 2010 budget)


Sparky said...

they were planning on finishing them a few years ago, but they figured they'd make more tourist money out of the waterfront / canal walk water ferry canal system.

so the rest of us plebs remain stuck in traffic between the hours of 4pm - 6pm

Anonymous said...

the pod city looks amazing

dorothy said...

i know! i'm so pissed i didn't go while i was there