Thursday, August 20


oh maree is a gas. a christian but a good person nevertheless. read up on her clone-a-willy post if you're afrikaans but if you're not or you're just too lazy to click through, read on...

patrons of the manly named clone-a-willy can choose between a chocolate, candle, soap-on-a-rope (um? point?), or regular glow in the dark, light or dark toned dildo/vibrator replica of their member to present to their loved ones.


now she'll never have to be one moment away from your most excellent penis. check out the website for more info (like, 'what if my penis is too big to make a mold of??' yeah, whatever bucko...) and informative instructional videos.
only a man coulda thought the soap one

there's even a pic of US troops sending their personalised willies home to their partners. you know. for warm, lovin' comfort for the missus back home (and just in case the real thing get's blown off...)

this whole doppelganger willy thing reminds me of the cast cynthia p caster made of jimi hendrix's penis.

jimi's head shot

except that she clearly didn't use the patented Medically Tested Molding Gel cos, damn, that little sucker looks grim.

i dunno. i had an art director once who made a rubber mold of his penis and would come up behind people and discreetly show it too them. that perv was into some freaky shit i think. he stopped living vicarioulsy through his fake cock when i finally grabbed it and started sizing it up very verbally. silly boy.



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beaverboosh said...

this is a great breakthrough in home-use technology... i shall have all of the men on my team clone their willies to mount on their desktops, and arrange the desks in willy-size order... finally, a practical system for the distribtuion of responsibilities...