Wednesday, August 12

the good, the better and the maybe

viceland's dos and don'ts is like the satorialist's anti-christ. and i love them both.


as the dark and light of each other's most essential essence of street style, they both have their own books.

the good

the better

do check these out if you get a chance. but this is all beside the point, because the point is ACTUALLY, that vice has come to south africa. check out an interview with publisher ace swart here (haven't seen it meself, but still...)

there's clearly a lot of glee about this lovely mag dropping on the dark continent but one dude on the 10and5 site with the video brought up an interesting point:

"Are South Africans even ready for Vice? We’re conservative, conformist and lack imagination. How are we going to handle the subversive content (which often borders on homophobic, racist and sexist)."

tis true i think. much of Vice's edge is that is doesn't do pandering. something our PC-prone, post-apartheid sensitivities are going to have to negotiate...

it also rates itself a 'subversive pop culture' mag... problem is, the very very very small demograhic that's going to be reading this isn't really part of where SA's new 'subversive pop culture's' at... at least not yet...
thankfully, with a 70/30 cut on intl and local info respectively, ace and his mates won't have to worry about that little niggly just yet...

go to VICE SA (kinda, but not quite...)

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