Thursday, August 27


i've had no oomph to write here this week.

i've only got 3 friggin non-negotiables when it comes to dating - no addicts, no broken hearts and no one that is involved. i do not think this is unreasonable no?

so why, my plums, why must i be attracting these people.

the intern was such a surprisingly fabulous lover i would probably have fallen in love with him on that basis alone.


ex issues. nice.


sparky said...

clearly, the man is an idiot.

dorothy said...

and clearly you intend to be my most ardent cheerleader for all time

Kevin Musgrove said...

you might enjoy spending a few night trying to persuade him to put an hyphen between the x and the i

Anonymous said...

bad timing :-(

beaverboosh said...

i think spary is in love with you... hey, great pice on why men rock... good week to bear that in mind! x

Sparky said...

oh, no doubt...I love dorothy to bits.

she keeps me at bay with liberal applications of pepper spray