Sunday, August 16

lordy lordy


it's been a good weekend. right now i'm feeling nina in a big way. in a little sugar in my bowl way. you know what i'm talking about.

the next installment (or the one after that) of the dorothy black column is going to be about first time sex. why you ask? because i'm feeling inspired. met up with the intern and he was a surprisingly wonderful lover. i shall have him again i think.

apart from being completely moreish he also got me into a nina state of mind. so when i woke up on sunday to a brilliant blue sky over table mountain feeling well and truly shagged i had nina's 'nobody's fault but mine' in my head ... she plays the piano on this one and it just gets under my skin in a bit way...

anyway. more about the intern and nina later.

as some of you do, you can mail me with your interesting insights into the little phenonmenon of taking a new lover(s). whatever tickles your fancy.