Thursday, August 6

no money, no honey

Money and gifts in exchange for sex. It's a lot more common than you think, writes Dorothy Black...

Did you see that video of the Chinese schoolgirl giving an old guy head for $25 to buy a Gucci handbag? Neither did I. But, honestly, when I read about it yesterday I could hardly believe it – Gucci for $25? Not likely.

Seriously though. True story. The story of the girl that is.

Turns out it's a 'new' pattern among young Chinese girls inspired by their sexually enterprising girlie neighbours from Japan. It's euphemistically called 'compensated dating'. Or, what the rest of us would term 'transactional sex' – something that's been big in South Africa for quite some time. Read more...

because if you love me, you'll buy me a big fuckin ring

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sparky said...

doesn't seem different from majority of the relationships I've been in.

*glum expression*