Tuesday, August 11

penis envy

oh my hat plums. after that tenga egg revelation i did some further research to find a suitable stand-in for the fleshlight for an upcoming MH article. i just can not bring myself to list that monstrosity as a viable sex toy.

then i found this. the masturbation sex toy that makes me wish i had a penis. it's like the man version of the delight. just squishier.

the tenga flip hole
the outside

the inside

todgertalk describes the experiences thusly:

Feels like: Well ... those buttons on the side are not for show; they actually allow you to regulate the pressure of the suction. After you've sorted that out, the ripply sensation up and down your shaft is pretty damn spectacular. I've not lasted more than three minutes on it yet, and am very worried that it might run off with someone else if I don't pace myself.

i want one. a penis and a tenga flip hole, just for one day...


Sparky said...

by the by, my birthday is in january.
just thought I'd mention it.

PienkZuit said...

Don't, the power of having a penis will drive you crazy. Women may think it's easy being this drunk on power every day, but it's not.

beaverboosh said...

hey girl, where can i get one? good luck on the penis installation eh!

dorothy said...

bb - my penis envy is momentary and in this case inspired only briefly by the tenga...i have too much of a deep and overwhelming fondness for my vagina

pz - you're back!

sparky - at a price tag of 1600 i'm going to have suggest you chip the other 1500 :)