Wednesday, August 5

Sherlock Bones

sweet. it looks like mr madonna aka emotional retard (sic madonna) aka that guy guy ritchie is remaking sherlock holmes starring the delightful robert downey jr and the not-so-delightful jude law (hack hack).

but the greatest of this is is that there is speculation that there might be a little homoerotic play between holmes and dear watson. downey told press 'two men who happen to be roommates, wrestle a lot and share a bed. It's bad-ass.'

and ritchie himself has warned the shuddering masses that there will be a GAY twist - OH MY GOD RUN FOR THE HILLS!!

people are weird.

is gay the new v-j...'scuse the lame rhyme, but seriously, is this such a scandal that people will rush to see holmes make out with watson?

anyway now that ritchie's left his anti-muse, the wicked witch of the west, we might start seeing some of his good movie mojo again. hurrah. i did quite like his previous wares.

check out the sherlock holmes trailer here .


Sparky said...

I'll watch it simply because mr downey jnr is awesome.

even though I don't think he'll have to dig to deep for this acting role.

dorothy said...

agreed. on both counts.

Sparky said...

hey, you want to go watch it with me when it hits the circuit?

I promise I'll behave this time.

dorothy said...

yeah whatever sparks - that's what you said the last time and look what happened then

Anonymous said...

tears and anguish...I know.
*dejected look*

Organic Meatbag said...

"shared a bed and often wrestled"???? I guess he really WAS his Dear Watson!