Wednesday, September 30

The joys of sex toys

Insert cool intro here because young, stupid interns can't get their shit together, don't know fuck-all about fuck all and should all be shot in the face...

In the wise words of Neil Sedaka, breaking up is hard to do. There are hearts to tend to, bruised egos to soothe and livers to abuse with copious amounts of pity party drinking. There are photos to burn and revenges to plot (incidentally, did you know that in Hong Kong a wife may legally murder her cheating husband as long as she does it by her own hand? Just a by-the-by…), but the most awkward and unsettling matter is that of returning personal items. Especially if it’s your sex toy goodie box you have to consider. Read on...

not such a happy camper my poppits. not such a happy camper at all. but enough of the moan. onward and forward with this week's column.

here are some links that go into some of the sweet toys i mention and some i don't:

clone-a-willy. nuff said.
the tenga flip hole. penis envy courtesy of japan
the fleshlight. yuck in a can.
the delight. my preciousssss

over and out plums. i'll blog more once this spate of deadlines is over. keep cookin' with gas.

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