Wednesday, September 16

Let's get dirrrrty!

Dorothy Black says that stringing together a sentence of well-chosen, well-delivered filth gets most people hotter than a whore in hell

It was a wintry Saturday afternoon, and while I painted in a cramped makeshift studio, my lover sat on the floor and read to me from a Japanese book of sex called something like The Jade Palace – a slim volume of text that was a literary voyage into the art of lovemaking.

It was cliterature in a way I'd never heard it before. It was the Joy of Sex meets Eastern poetry. It was the Marquis de Sade meets Karma Sutra. It totally blew me away. After an hour I could barely stand I was so turned on. My gentle waters had begun to flow from my jade palace so to speak.

And he'd not laid a finger on me.

i have my doubts that this will make it to news24 - far too much pussy and cunt for the average Saffa sensibilities to take. Nevertheless, it had to be done...

in other news, i've been suffering from intermittant ADD. well, that's the only way i can explain my five minute attention span. i don't know what it is, but i'll blame in on the fact that i'm smoking more.


that all ends on Thursday, 8 October 2009 (smokender people you know what that's about) when i stop that dastardly weed for good. christ. sometimes i think i'd rather just have a coke habit. so much more cape town you know.


Sparky said...

best post yet, ma'am!
*crosses legs uncomfortably and applauds*

Anonymous said...

Well, it made News 24!! I was very surprised to see the words cunt and pussy being aired so freely. So maybe the Saffa sensibilities are going out the window slowly, or to rephrase: "Are you penetrating our wet flower like sensibilities with your hard pen?"

Will maybe have to forward this to my girlfriend, we are certainly of the more silent persuasion on that matter.

Good article and blog.
(What does my anonymity say about my fragile sensibilities .....)

dorothy said...

anon - thanks for your comments - i was also very surprised it went up but even more surprised at how few comments it got. i was really looking forward to what people had to say...