Friday, September 4

louis prima

god this guy is cool. think vegas lounge singer meets mafia king pin meets swing. one of the most under-rated jazz singers, louis prima has been rocking my week in a big way.

splashed about in the tub this morning to his 'buona sera' with keely smith.

i love waking up with a good song in my head. ever since i was a kid i've attached some sort of mystical significance to the meaning of the song that i wake up with, as if it's some sort of message from the beyond in musical form... and hey, that's much better than spooky apparitions and creepy rooks pecking out a dead cat's eyes or something...
this is the one i got

though, to be honest, i can't really imagine what the gods are trying to tell me with buona sera...

Buona Sera, signorina, buona sera
It is time to say goodnight to Napoli
Though it's hard for us to whisper, buona sera
With that old moon above the Meditteranean sea
In the mornin' signorina we'll go walkin'
When the mountains help the sun come into sight
And by the little jewelry shop we'll stop and linger
While I buy a wedding ring for your finger

In the meantime let me tell you that I love you
Buona sera, signorina kiss me goodnight
Buona sera, signorina kiss me goodnight

THAT I SHOULD GO TO ITALY! yes. that is it.

in case some of you've never heard of louis prima, but have heard of the jungle book (just one the coolest movies in the world and i will judge you for not knowing it), prima was the voice behind King Louie's serenade of 'i wanna be like you (ooo ooo ooo)' to Mowgli...

how rad is that? how can you just not rock out to ol' king louis?

anyway, oao plums, have a good weekend

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Kevin Musgrove said...

Yay! Always a good one for blowing away the cobwebs!