Tuesday, September 22

postsecret pic of the week

Labushka's trying to get me into True Blood - some programme where vampires run around and fuck a lot.

Now it takes a LOT for me to start on a series. the reason i try to stay away from them is because i generally become ADDICTED.

bauer. jack bauer. in for another Worst Day of His Life.

the last time i watched a series was a millennium ago when 24 first came out on DVD. we sat watching episode after episode, up to our eyeballs in caffienne and pumped with adrenalin.

kind of looked like this. but with my face. and no blood.

i think i only recovered from that like the other day or something.


so now my FRIEND, wants to peddle me her drug of choice so that i can spend another month of my life holed up at home, spurning the sun and fun and the people that love me so that i can get my fix off my 10 cm x 10 cm tv screen.

i'd be totally up for it.

except that i've just been introduced to battlestar galactica! a programme where humans run around and fuck a lot. but in SPACE.

totally trumps the vamps on EARTH. yawn. (sorry Bushka, you know i want to try your gear also...)

WHOHOOO! The new boy introduced it to me this weekend. and i'm smitten... it gave me everything i could want in a good series - wonder and awe, cries and freak out... so like this:

all on my eeny-weeny television.

though i'm considering just watching an episode at the new boy's house every time i go over. not that i'd be using him for his big screen or anything. not like that freak postcard about True Blood at all.

using people for their tv and drugs series, that's just ludicrous. pfft.


Labushka said...

Labushka huffs and flicks her hair aside...and secretly knows that Galactica would NOT have won the series race if a "Big Screen" were also up for...er...viewing with the Kinky Vampires...

dorothy said...

knew i'd draw you out somehow you minx

Sparky said...

FYI, I have all of BSG, and the movies, and the pilot of the new series "Caprica".

I'm glad to see you're watching a truly quality show.

kiss kiss!

nursemyra said...

I LOVE True Blood. almost as much as I loved Deadwood and Mad Men

beaverboosh said...

oh, i just gotten Lestat off my mind and you...

Anonymous said...

True Blood is entertaining enough when there's nothing else on but it has way too many inconsistencies and 'doh' moments.

BSG is absolutely awesome. The initial trick is to not think "oh, it's sci-fi" before you've even seen it (more than one episode too, the first one is a bit "eh?").


Fantasy and reality will collide Tuesday night at the United Nations, as writers and actors from the Sci Fi Channel’s hit “Battlestar Galactica” meet UN representatives to discuss issues such as human rights, children and armed conflict, and terrorism. Also on the agenda: dialogue among different civilizations and faiths. The meeting happens just days before the two-hour final episode of the show airs Friday.