Thursday, September 17

spanks, simpletons and sluts

Labushka sent this to me. sick sick sick. she's my kinda girl.

Speaking of spanks, The Dom Father is in Cape Town and has requested an audience tonight.
just for coffee. the first actual meeting.

i'm a little more hesitant about the whole thing. especially since i've been getting good lovin' all round and not in the mood to explore and be hardcore...

nevertheless, you regret the things you don't do, not the things you do do as my mother always says...

if you go down to the woods today...

decisions decisions.


there's something i've been wondering about lately. this little phrase: 'i'm just a simple guy, and i'm not really looking for a relationship.'

let's take a look at these shall we.

'i'm just a simple guy, and i'm not really looking for a relationship.'

i got handed this line THREE times over the course of a week by THREE different gentleman, handing me this gem by way of INTRODUCTION.

as in:

him: hey
me: hey
him: i'm dork doug
me: hey dork doug
him: so i, uh, you know like having fun and hanging; not too complicated you know, i'm just a simple guy, and i'm not really looking for a relationship ...
me: oh. ok. that's uh nice for you?

there is so much wrong with that statement of which the most glaring is: what made you think, bucko, that I was looking for a Relationship, let alone looking for a Relationship with YOU.

then there's just the embarrasing stupidity and superficiality attached to thinking that any interaction is not a relationship of sorts (in that dynamic way that people communicate and share)

and last but not least, thinking that being SIMPLE is at all a turn-on for sex or friendship or any kind of interaction at all.

freak. go back to your TV and jerking off over FHM.

this seems to be a South African male thing. I was talking to J the other day and we came to the conclusion that most saffa men seem to think that they're in danger of being attacked by women who will be overcome with hysteria to procreate with the fine speciman of a male that he is, that she will tie him down with her ovaries and smother him with her womb.

(actually, J said something else, but i'm too shy to type that...)

and then a new little addendum to my column:

comment of the bi-monthly

so my column didn't get the kind of commenting i was expecting. people seem to have lost the talk when it comes to dirty talk. pity really. but i did get this comment that struck me as particularly fucked up.

Pharcide 9/16/2009 3:20:03 PM: I would love to talk dirty in your ear Dorothy Black. You slut.

dear pharcide

undoubtedly clever words, but i believe you missed the point of the column.

'slut', 'whore' and any number of other naughty words lose their association of kink outside of an agreed parameter of dirty talk in the bedroom and just become misogynistic namecalling.

read this to educate yourself.


Sparky said...

I do not apologise for the rest of my gender for saying that.

I will however point out that younger saffer women certainly aren't looking for anything long term, and I think that men say that by way of a defense mechanism to disarm the situation.

it is pretty retarded to say that in the second sentence though, so they are deserving of your ire.

have fun with the paddling, you saucy minx! (am I doing it right?)

nursemyra said...

love the Jesus cartoon

beaverboosh said...

Hey D, this is a rich seam:

i am totally sick and the lord has never answered my prayers.

I am simple guy, i just like to spank my monkey.

I often regret the things I have done.

I enjoy being a flirt.

dorothy said...

thanks BB - as always on the mark
NM - i know! so bril
sparky - paddling?

Daily Dose of Fantasy said...

Because that’s what seems to me my girlfriend is doing sometimes. Because she knows how hard is it to let go the person you loved as first! But on the other hand I’m afraid to be alone.