Thursday, September 3

summer time...

spring has sprung in the mother city and with it winter has finally arrived

not my pic

this is where i'd much rather be right now.
thansadet, koh phangan... spent many a lazy day on that beach.

i'm not one for going back to places i've been many times before but today, as i'm sitting here in this flourescent office, hungry and overlooking a rainy, grey city, i think i'd much rather be lying on the white sand of thansadet...going for a little dip, playing with a rent-a-dog that i always seem to pick up wherever i travel, snacking on something sweet and later going for a little snooze in a hammock in that little restaurant in the far corner that's been there for, like, a century.


failing that, i will give you a phrase of the week:

'blossoming vagina' as in 'my vagina blossoms' :) it is that thing that happens to your lady spots when you come into contact with someone that makes you want to peel off your panties and procreate.

girls. you KNOW what i'm talking about...


Anonymous said...

.... yes i know what you're talking about

Pienk Zuit said...

I only know what you're talking about with regards to Koh Phangan. I want to move there, and spend the rest of my days on those beaches under the palm trees. Maybe open up a little beach bar with a few cabins for travellers to stay in, just to bring in enough money to sit on the beach the whole day. It's been almost 3 years, and we promised ourselves that we won't ever go more than 5 years before going back there. Ever. Till we die. Hope it's a promise we're able to keep.

Love Koh Phangan said...

I know exactly what you mean about Phangan, it is just such a wonderful slice of paradise that once you've been there it's not possible to get it out of your mind and you want to return again and again. I have to wait, but plans are already in the works to spend a month or so in and around Phangan next year. Counting down the days.

About that blossom thing I can only hope that I have, at some time, been the cause of blossoming ;>)