Tuesday, October 20


i find it disturbing how journos/writers/columnists in the mainstream online media in SA have very little fresh to say. it's as if every week or so a new bandwagon rolls on through and everyone just jumps the fuck on, grabbing at the megaphone to see who can shout louder and more eloquently about the same shit.

it's not a debate.

here, everyone is too politically correct to be otherwise or to say something contrary. so they all just agree in different words. it's enough to make me appreciate fred khumalo.

maybe it's because everyone knows that the SA audience is just so fucking lame it still gets a rise out of reading and commenting on the same bs over and over again.

this week's theme includes the rietz trials, and an amusing if not totally yawnsome wank job over which city is better - cape town or durban. of the latter, the best post came from david j smith. a piece of writing you'll only really get if you've actually been to durban and have spoken to a local.

i'll keep you posted about what else the online media clique tries to outdo eachother on in the next few weeks.

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