Friday, October 9

a brown friday


this is pretty much how my friday ends. like a hard, uncomfortable piece of shit. not because the day is inherently shit mind. but because i'm forced to deal with people that, in the social sphere of human dynamics, operate like little pieces of shit - making a big stink because they can't do anything else but lie around and get under everyone's feet.

fortunately. this does remind me of something that brings a big old smile to be face:

doggy poo.

yes. it is a turd. a dog turd, to be specific. covered in snow and looking disturbingly cute.

only the koreans.

doggy poo
(the movie) is a 30-minute rush of cinematic daring; a heady mix of cute and weird; a wild cocktail of mind-numbing boredom and jaw-dropping aghastness (if that is not a word a should be).

here's the write up:

After being "created" by a dog, Doggy (Peter Farrow) meets various living and inanimate things. No one wants to be his friend, and Doggy Poo becomes sad because he believes he is worthless and has no purpose. Eventually, a plant grows out of the ground and tells Doggy Poo that she needs him to grow into a flower. Doggy Poo discovers his life purpose and he becomes absorbed by the flower. After being absorbed by the flower, Doggy Poo lives "a happy life".

let's just read that over again: doggy poo discovers his life's purpose.

hm. maybe i should get some of the people i'm dealing with to watch this. do you think they'll get the message?


i'm sorry. does that sound egotistical? does it sound mean and belittling? good. it's meant to.

anyway, here's a preview in case you wanted to enthrall yourself with the existential crisis of a shit.

only in korea.


Anonymous said...

Genius :)

Kevin Musgrove said...

We should have screenings in our staff room