Monday, October 19

It's my friday and i'll barf if i want to

so. went to a little media shindig at oyo on friday.

turns out they have a claim on a shipment of crayfish that could feed africa for about a decade. so to celebrate they called over the media peeps and stuffed us with salmon and foam canapes and oysters and crayfish and champagne.

it seemed the ideal opportunity for me to sate my curiousity with regards to crayfish. you see, i've been vegetarian for 12 years now and bar a flirtation with calamari and mussels over a year ago and a taster of yellowtail and tuna this year i've not had anything with a face or anus pass my lips the entire time.

(i think at least. i did a few years in asia, and god knows what you're eating there. but hey, ignorance and bliss and all that.)


i was having a fine old time. the food was flowing, the wine was plenty, the waiters were almost as drunk as we were. I met the lovely catherine shone, editor of food24, (horses don't like her, but that's a story for another day) and some peeps from top billing magazine (no judgies.) and then a lovely lady from elle decoration who reminds me so much of Anna Levine i want to hug her.

but you see, readers, my dear plums, there is something not ok with eating that much shellfish in one sitting. this something not ok looks like this:

1 vegetarian


4 oysters (prepared in a variety of interesting ways)


1.5 crayfish (seriously. i blame it on sunstroke and booze.)


lots of booze (see the foreshadowing here? see it? huh? huh?)


friday night

ja. hm. i heart gaviscon.

Love is: Fast soothing relief

one good thing did arise from the vom fest that was my evening, and that was the idea for my next column...

oh. wait. that doesn't sound right does it?

nevermind. it'll be fun. promise.

(hey sparks: don't get your hopes up - it's not about vomit and sex - that's for another time.)


Anonymous said...

That's what you get for leaving Ann and I in the office while you have a lovely wine-sodden seafood lunch.
So there.

Sparky said...

damn it!
*stomps off in a huffy*

nursemyra said...

I love crayfish!

Anonymous said...

this made me laugh so hard that I nearly peed myself

dorothy said...

that pleases me anonymous. sometimes i like to think i'm funny. it's nice when one other person thinks so also.