Tuesday, October 6

true romance


clarence and alabama. totally rocking. up there with peanut (lula) and sailor.

alabama's "you're so cool" line in her last speech in true romance has always sort of been my little measure of whether i want to play with someone.

i'm starting to think that it's also the only thing that matters if you want to make them a part of your life.

[ TRUE ROMANCE: Alabama Narrating ]

Amid the chaos of that day, when all I could hear was the thunder of gunshots and all I could smell was the violence in the air, I look back and am amazed that my thoughts were so clear and true...that three words went through my mind endlessly, repeating themselves like a broken record.

"You're so cool. You're so cool. You're so cool."


fattii said...

i just normally come here 2 read ur blogs (cos they rock) but i dont normally comment on ur posts,bt i hav 2 this time-this movie was AWESOME!!i culd even hear her voice in my head when i was reading that quote..(mind u,the voices r quite common in my case)...you're so cool..

dorothy said...

hey fattii - thx for your comment - that seems to be one of the lines that everyone remembers - the other, which a friend of mine reminded me of, is that scene after Alabama discovers that Clarence has killed Drexel, and she's like: 'That's so romantic!'

fattii said...

the other one that always stuck with me: dnt remember the dudes name but he tells clarence: "i gotta hand it to you Clarence." Clarence: "that was cool?" the other dude: "Nah man, you were cooler than cool!" and another fav: alabama:did i do my part ok? clarence: bamaloo, u were perfect. alabama:like a ninja? clarence:like a ninja. i love that line. cos u know,im like a ninja..hehe..thanks agen for all da awesome bloggings..