Wednesday, October 14

What if...

Soooooooo.... went for the yearly aids test. always a little eye-opener.

nurse: so how many partners have you been with since october last year?
me: *blink*
nurse: for the year? how many new partners have you been with?
me: umm... well... let me see... (shuffling around in bag) i wrote them all down the other day so that i could remember their names... ummm
nurse: *blink*


so all came up daisies. this is good. no matter how positive a spin everyone would like to put on being HIV positive i'd much rather i didn't get it. you know. like genital warts. or herpes. which, if my gynae is to be believed cape town is riddled with.

good times.

if you would like to go for your HIV/Aids test (they do couples testing as well) i totally recommend the New Start centres. the counsellors are amazing, the nurses efficient, helpful and reassuring and the whole schpeel lasts 45 minutes for which you pay 25 ZAR rond (about $3) and you can go back for as many times as you like for four months without paying another brass farthing. or cent even.

go. be brave.


Sparky said...

hooray for a clean bajingo!

dorothy said...

um. thanks sparks.

Sparky said...


nursemyra said...

...but the nurses blink a lot :-)

dorothy said...

ha! NM - you should know you saucy minx :)

Bordeaux said...

Cool for being a negative ho. Do they still draw blood or is it the cotton swab in the mouth method?

dorothy said...

it's a pin prick - real easy :)