Monday, November 23

postsecret pic of the week and i love the christmas in my head

plums. the fob has passed. i honestly don't know what came over me.

i was blogging from an igoogle widget – that's how much i couldn't bring myself to be here.

what happened? i do not know. BUT, hurrah for me my lovelies, i am feeling better.


this is my favourite postsecret this week. i love it because apart from loving song and dance musicals i also love love LOVE christmas carols. they make me happy. especially the nat king cole and bing crosby ones. don't judge me. it's better than having a fetish for poking dead puppies with screwdrivers.

or something.
it was either jesus or father christmas. the choice was easily made.


LOVE this movie.

i totally bought into the hollywood christmas. but sort of new york style. like woody allen houses and barbra streisand grandeur with a little bit of billy joel blues for the cool people.

like a norman rockwell painting for the 50s inspired by the 80s sense of romance.

with a touch of enchantment courtesy of the nutcracker imagery and music.

just magic.

i should leave this alone hey? oh well, here's a parting shot...

pic by istock in case you were wondering


arcadia said...

after a really kak last few days i was shocked at how much better the carols playing in the supermarket made me feel.

dorothy said...

hey arcadia! long time no read! yes i love them. it's my dirty little secret. i always tut tut and shake my head when people complain about the endless caroling, but i LOVE it.

beaverboosh said...

well my dear, you would love xmas in Norway in the mountains, we dress up in national dress, go to church, and hold hands singing around the xmas tree, usually while it dumps snow outside. Reindeer is on the menu which is not to everyone's taste but...
p.s. love the track, bit untraditional..