Monday, November 2

postsecret pics of the week

it's all so tragic sometimes. i don't like sad endings. but sometimes i think i feel like that's all i ever think is going to happen. or something like that.

but i don't really though.

just sometimes i think the thought sits deep in my brain, hiding like a nasty little troll just waiting to scramble out at the best of times and make a poop of everything.

i blame it on one particular thing adults love telling children to warn them about the harsh 'reality' that life is a living hell of fear and regret.

All good things come to an end.

fuckit. i so hate that phrase. all 'bad' things 'come to an end' also. so why pick on the good things? if you ever say this shit to children you should stab yourself in the neck with a blunt object. if you ever say this shit to yourself you should OD on some arb OTC drugs.


happy monday morning plums.

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