Tuesday, November 10

turning tricks

Dorothy Black thinks that sex workers and their johns should be decriminalised

About two years ago Miss K was propositioned by a fine German gentleman to be his girlfriend for the duration of his stay in South Africa. I say ‘propositioned’ because he would pay her for the pleasure. She would live in an apartment he rented and drive a car he provided. She would get R25 000 tax-free cash a month to spend as she pleased.

He suggested it over a light snack of oysters and Bollinger on the second date. Read more...

the whole sex worker debacle is just getting so freakin tired. Enough already. Can we just legalise it and move on to more pressing issues? why are we all so concerned with what other people do with their genitals?!

sex workers who are abused, raped and maltreated, sex workers who are underage and coerced into the profession - THOSE are crimes. but the transaction that takes place between two consenting adults? what the fuck is that? nobody else's business is what it is.


i'll share with you the most interesting piece i've read on this whole selling sex issue. it's an article that appeared in the guardian earlier this year and comes from that whore mongering self-proclaimed dandy, sebastian horsley (just bril don't you think?) - the brothel creeper. (pity about the little woody allen lift, but hey...).

horsley claims to have slept with over a thousand hookers and believes that prostitution should remain illegal. here's my favourite bit:

Of course, the general feeling in this country is that the man is somehow exploiting the woman, but I don't believe this. In fact, the prostitute and the client, like the addict and the dealer, is the most successfully exploitative relationship of all. And the most pure. It is free of ulterior motives. There is no squalid power game. The man is not taking and the woman is not giving. The whore fuck is the purest fuck of all.

ha. akso, check out chris mac's take on it in his column, hookers and crookers.


Bordeaux said...

Liked it, as always. I am really getting tired of stoooopid people.

fatti said...

frig, lurv ur articles..awesome reads..but i gotta say it does attract some intellectually challenged characters(but i shall "pray " for them haha)..thanx again.. :)

dorothy said...

thanks fatti - and yes, the general reader is very special.