Wednesday, January 6

avatar is princess mononoke

i love you james cameron!!!!!!!

was that loud enough? did you get that? i won't pretend i'm too artsy for eye candy.

avatar kicks ass. in 3D at least. who knows how shit the movie is in 2D. besides, who cares. 2D we can do at home.

Neytiri in 3D guys. three-fucking-dee.

look. i can't help it. i like big blockbuster eye candy movies. (i like thinky movies also, but those i can weep to in the comfort of my own home.) when i go to the big screen i want visual stimulation that will tickle my cerebral cortex to the point of sensual apoplexy.

this is why i like cameron, bruckheimer, del toro and jackson on the big screen.

(and, also, i like eating a bucket of popcorn with salt and vinegar sprinkles.)

me watching avatar in three dee. but without the beard.

i walked out of avatar feeling like i'd been on an adventure. a big fuck-off hollywood budget feel-good fantasy roller coaster of WOW. i felt friggin awesome.

which is why i was so disappointed to read a review by shaun de waal in the m&g afterwards poo-pooing it as a formulaic piece of twoddle.

there's no doubt that avatar's story is as old as the hills (which story isn't?), it's just a pity that his points are couched in such a formulaic and utterly predictable reviewer's argument.

blockbuster + CGI + story line no 23 = bad
arthouse/indie + gritty film + story line no 23 = good

maybe he needed to make up the word count and was too lazy and unimaginative to say to something that wasn't typical of his clever profession.

see, here's the thing: the baddies versus goodies OR aggressive westerners versus helpless 'natives' OR relentless capitalism versus socialism pitch IS actually still a relevant story line, however blah its put across (just all the better if its pretty and in THREE-FRIKKIN-DEE).

it's a relevant story because our tiny human minds are still grappling with the concept of ownership and greed and domination. it's a relevant story line because millions of children don't know this yet and have not been jaded by the same plot and characters we've been subjected to.

and really, the children are our future etc etc so isn't it best to wow them with how kak we can be now and hopefully one turns to be an environmental messiah. it has to be emotionally manipulative, see, because that's the only way our ADD generation buys into anything.

anyway. as for old story lines...

i wonder what those that slated avatar for its 'poor' story would say about princess mononoke.

princess mononoke is a ghibli house production; the same guys that brought us the much loved spirited away.

there are many parallels between avatar and princess mononoke.

in avatar the americans use guns to grab land from the na'vi to mine a precious metal
in PM Lady Eboshi and her loyal clan use guns to gain dominance over the forest to mine lead

in avatar the humans (americans) care little for the natural balance of the world they're invading and the tree hugging hippie natives
in PM Lady Eboshi (and basically every adult) cares little for the natural balance of the world she's invading and the gods she's hoping to wipe out

in avatar an outsider, Jake, works as an intermediary and tries to save the forest and its people but first he must gain the trust of the clan and neytiri
in PM an outsider, ashitaka, works as an intermediary and tries to save the forest but first he must gain the trust of princess mononoke, a wild women who lives with the wolf gods

in avatar they must kill the tree to break the Na'vi's strength to gain control of the forest's riches
in PM they must kill the forest god to kill the forest and gain control of its riches

in avatar little white jellyfish-like apparitions are signs of the goddess eywa
in PM little white apparitions are signs of the spirit of the forest

the list could go on... difference is, i'm sure the likes of de waal wold rave about PM simply because its left of hollywood's centre.

anyway. point is, i thought avatar was awesomeness and tire of convos very quickly where people try to be clever about what the movie should or shouldn't have been to be considered good.

in my books, it set out to be a pretty piece of bling with a somewhat relevant story and it did just that. ergo:good movie. see, i stick to the theory that if a movie/song/album/book achieves well what it set out to do, it's a good piece of work. regardless of whether i personally enjoy it. francis bacon? good. of course. do i enjoy his work and want to look at it all the time? no. it makes me feel bad and uncomfortable. (is that what makes it good?)

thinky enough for you?

anyway. sometimes i think we should just get over our cleverness.


Being Brazen said...

I LOVED avatar - i saw in in 3-D too.

I also love ghibli house productions. I just watched "My neighbour Totoro" and "ponyo on the Cliff" - so cute

Sparky said...

Avatar (3D!) was the greatest cinematic experience of my life (and Dot, know I watch a lot of movies).

Cameron loves doing movies about western imperialism, and scorn for the american industrial complex. you'll see it in all his movies...its his trademark (kinda like the slowmo white doves in all the john woo movies).

while all the 3D was fantastic, it was the really subtle stuff that had me gasping in wonder. after the big firestorm, the floating motes of ash...I actually reached up and tried to catch one.

this movie took me back to watching Return of the jedi on the big screen...that childhood wonder of what a movie could be like. Its the first movie I've watched in a long time where I felt I got my money's worth. I'd love to watch it again.

Sparky said...

even neytiri's boobies were 3D. that's craftsmanship, that is.

dorothy said...

sparky - WHAHAHAHA - very funny - and true - pity we didn't get to see some blue peen! and true about the little things - the ash, looking through glass... and brilliant point about it bringing back the wonder of watching movies - it is like being a kid again... def the way movies are going from here on out. except rom coms. though can you imagine the spate of re-releases this is going to encourage. HARRY POTTER AGAIN: IN 3D. LORD OF THE RINGS AGAIN: IN 3D.

BB - got to watch those still!

FuziJuzi said...

I knew you would enjoy it Sparky! And Dorothy this post is bang on the money, now all we need from Cameron is part 2 & 3 of the story (he's rumoured to have already written it).

dorothy said...

hey. wait. do you two know eachother?

Sparky said...

we work together. and occasionally hold hands and skip.

but only when its really cold.

FuziJuzi said...

Yup we do!

Anonymous said...

Now I want to watch it! Never seen a movie in 3D (poor me, sob sob :>
- mels

go777 said...

I've not seen it yet, but I love the passionate argument. Cant wait to see it now, and also as a friend of mine is working at Weta Digital in NZ now... BUT I can probably live quite comfortably with some Bacon on my walls. Its not just a matter of taste, its a matter of meaning.

Sparky said...

I'm surprised porn hasn't gone 3D yet. usually its on the forefront of these new technologies. and there is of course, the obvious benefits thereof...

dorothy said...

OMG of course! 3D porn - now THERE's a moneyspinner.
go777 - it's always a matter meaning; it just depends what kind :)

Anonymous said...

yes... but more importantly

dorothy said...

hey anony - yeah saw - did you get the deleted sex script :) i'm such an avatard