Wednesday, January 13

blood and honey

Blood, guts and more, more, MORE!
When it comes to sex and menses, Dorothy Black thinks you should go with the flow...
I figure myself to be fairly open-minded when it comes to men. I like to think I’m quite accepting of their otherness and strange peculiarities. But there is one thing I judge them on without mercy – how they respond to menstrual blood. Read more...

I've been told that this week's column is a little aggro and judgmental. i'm ok with that.

menstrual anarchy - includes “simple efforts to speak openly about periods, radical affronts to negative attitudes and campaigns for more environmentally friendly sanitary products” - Kira Cochrane. check out the full article from thefword, here and her article in the gaurdian here.

an interesting snippet:

It would be easy to lampoon those who are breaking the menstrual taboo, to accuse them not just of navel-gazing, but of setting their sights quite literally lower. Of all the feminist issues in the world, why this one? And might it not prove an invitation for men to talk about their bodily functions too? (Something surely to be avoided.)

But, as Kauder Nalebuff's book illustrates [My Little Red Book] , this is a subject long mired in shame and confusion – there are girls who know nothing about periods until their first one arrives, and assume it is a sign of impending death. Many grown women still feel embarrassed about buying tampons. When touring her film, Chesler [Giovanna Chesler - Period: The End of Menstruation] says that she met groups of women who had never heard the term "ovulation"; audiences would nonetheless have two-hour conversations about their experiences. And then there are the environmental issues, which are still far from being resolved.

so ja. blood. and the grossness or lovliness thereof. asked cm (and MANY others) if he slept with women when they're on and his response was one of my favourite: Of course. Anything else would be totally gay. If anyone finds menstruation disgusting, I suggest they stop going out with women.


yoni had some cool responses from people about sex and bleeding though some were just downright weird ass. do check it out.


Anonymous said...

'his purple-helmeted warrior of love'

ahahahahhaha how I laughed

(Sorry completely off-topic)

dorothy said...

liked that one myself - so mills&boon :)

Sparky said...

good to know.
I usually take my lead from the woman. some women I've been with just don't like being touched when painting the town red. others have the kind of climaxes which result claw marks on my back.

whatever makes the woman happy, I guess.

arcadia said...

oh dear dorothy - how i love you for this post.

dorothy said...

hey arcadia! long time :) glad you liked it x

fatti said...

hmmm..inter-rest-iiing read.i still wonder whether id be mr man the pussy, or mr man the vigorous (i pray the latter, although without the 'purple' warrior..sounds painful-ill settle for just a helmeted warrior-ok..a red helmeted warrior..)..awesome read Dot-good to know where other women stand-had always assumed all women hate being touched during this if only i could find my Game...:) cant wait for next article..

beaverboosh said...

hmmmmm blood. Lestat is a hero of mine.

hennie said...

I had my best sex with a women that menstruates, a woman is just so ready and horny for it at that time, and if the women don't mind, I don't!