Wednesday, January 20

wtf wednesday

yesterday sam said, 'let's meet for a quick and dirty at beluga's'

i said 'ok'

it all started innocently enough.

i got there and the sun was shining. i met the delightful brian porter, simon willo and candice turner.

it all seemed soooo, sooo OK. you know?

and then someone said, 'beluga makes a pretty fab cranberry long island ice tea.'

(we did say 'quick and dirty'. how much dirtier can you get?)

so i said 'ok'
there wasn't that much ice in mine

it didn't end good. let me just say i stopped counting at five. and there were shooters. i don't know how many.

i don't know how that happened. osama made me do it.

  • so um, dear waitron, thanks for being so obliging. i hope the ample tip my friends gave you made up for it.
  • fellow patrons, we generally are nice people. we just wanted you to join in the party when we insinuated ourselves on your convos.
  • table that paid for our astronomical bill (long islands sure aint cheap) - i'm not entirely sure why you did, but it might've been to shut me up and get us to leave. (sam thanks you also and says i was awesome. so does jean. i'm going with that.) ((oh and that thing i said about your sex life, you know, like, how to stop being a shitty lay and pleasure your woman, ja...))
  • dear beluga floor, i totally inspected you last night and you're good to go.
  • dear taxi driver, i really am not as cunty about driving- oh wait, i am. sorry anyway.

oao plums.


Sparky said...


*two thumbs up*

Simon said...

Hahah I missed this. You now have a new regular reader. (For the blog I mean. I read you on women24 anyway).

Jeeziz I felt horriffic on Wednesday. So so so so so so horrible.

dorothy said...

yay! welcome to my readership of five! (me included)