Saturday, February 13

come out come out wherever you are

got an email from marie claire ZA (still no website apparently. go ZA publishers.) this week asking me if i'd be open to being interviewed as part of an article on relationships.

har. har.

for 3 (three) reasons.

1. me? relationships?

2. they wanted to out me. full face photos and real name.

3. marie claire south africa stopped meaning anything to me when the previous ed moved the mag from a half-way decent read with interesting journalistic-like stories to something resembling a glossier 'santie from brooklyn's heartbreaking story' you book. and in the stakes of cultural relevance the you bible holds more relevance.

so i said no. for the following 3 (three) reasons.

1. me? relationships?

2. i thought about this one long and hard. for, like, at least 15 minutes. i have a pseudonym for a very particular reason. while it started off being a bit of a laugh (no i did NOT know it was also the name of an hungarian porn star when i thought it up) and because i wanted to slag my ex off without using my real name, it's become part of a character that suits my ends very well. i get to write 'serious' stuff and a light-hearted piece of ditty about sex and singledom without confusing people. lord knows a character with more facets than one would confuse the masses endlessly. more than that, it protects the people i write about and the people i choose to sleep with. * footnote below

3. there is a difference between a 'column' and a 'blog' dear mc writer. i am not a relationship blogger. i am a sex columnist that blogs about shit. neither of them have particular importance in the greater scheme of things. which is also why i am not keen to be part of a mag that reckons seth rotherwho is relevant in any particular way.

anyway. i'm drunk. as one gets at kiddies parties.

FOOTNOTE & GENERAL DISCLAIMER ON PRINCIPLES FOR FUTURE OFFERS: Principles and vagaries aside though, little ol' me in a really realz magazine?! is fame and fortune finally mine??! most likely not. but i still woulda totally bitten if not for the face/name issue :) oao plums.


Anonymous said...

Alcohol makes children tolerable. Oh, and good call on the Marie Claire bit. So not worth it.

dorothy said...

wise words alice. as for mc... ja. troo.