Monday, February 15

monday and other boring thoughts


look i'm not going to lie. i woke up in a very bad, bad mood. it was foul. it was black. it was not a pretty thing. maybe it's cos i watched paranormal activity before a snippet of bad boy bubby (godDAMN the CAT man) before going to sleep. or maybe it was because of chocolate.

whatever it was, i woke up in a horrible space.

everybody sucked.

everybody hated me.

mr hardman was clearly a complete write-off and i was better alone.

i promised myself that when i got home i'd lay it on blogger like it was nobody's business.

ag, and then, i dunno. the clouds shifted, the planets aligned, someone made me laugh and someone thinks i'm funny and *click* all was well again.

hormones. i tell ya. (well it's either that or i'm just a fucking moody cow...)


gotta be thinking of next week's column. i have some ideas but nothing's really popping out. lmk if there's something that tickles your fancy - or any other bits really. i'm not getting much inspired by the hardman (maybe i really am that kak relationships), so throw me bone... or you know, some other METAPHORICAL object.

sparky get your mind out the gutter.

oo oo AND i have a GUEST BLOGGER joining soon. or something along those lines... he'll be along shortly, he just has to think of some funny nick or something...

he is truly most awesome.

oao plums. it's evening and i'm catching up on some BSG. whoohoo!

some time later

*** spoiler alert for those who, like me, didn't watch the brilliant BSG when the rest of the world did ***

so watched til the end of season 4 and i gotta say i am THRILLED that the earthlings were gone. once the caprica humans and the cylons all managed to get along, i saw them entering the earth's orbit thinking 'oh my god and now they have to deal with the (earth) humans!'.

we are a sorry lot.

oh and HEY. this monday was SO kak, it inspired a new word...or at least a new interpretation on an old, washed out word:

GRUNT - Grrr and cunt. like a day that makes you stop in your tracks at the photocopy machine on the way to the teensy little office kitchen to make tea, and just say: 'Ggggrrrrr, this is a cunt of a day.'

now you can just say 'grunt'

because time is of the essence and wherever we can shave a few words out of a day is a better day for all.

christ. i should prolly go to sleep.

k. g'nite.


Sparky said...


by the by, the final season of BSG is full of awesomeness. FULL OF IT, I tell you. watch it at your earliest possible convenience.

as to your kak mood, maybe you just need a hug?

dorothy said...

i always need a hug when i'm being bitter and twisted and peevish i just didn't have anyone administering the medicinal hugs

Love Your Stockings said...

I have a brill idea for someone like you : sex evaluator and trainer. Lots of men want to know just how good they are in bed, and how to be better. You could sleep with them, give them an evaluation and suggestions on how to improve. I'm telling you, girlfriends and wives everywhere will buy their guys gift vouchers for this service! Except, by paying for it maybe it reaches into the realms of prostitution. so maybe you could just do it as a public service, for free ;)

dorothy said...

@LYS LOL i was talking to someone the other day about whether a person can be 'good in bed' or it was just chemistry. so, maybe you're a kak lay for one person, but with another you're excellent.

Sparky said...

when I see you next, I'll be sure to give you a good squeeze, then.

maybe I can take you on a drive to my side of the know "suburbia by the sea"?

Being Brazen said...

I loved Battlestar Gallactica...flippin' good series...was slightly annoyed with how the whole thing ended.....but anyways..

nursemyra said...

Bad Boy Bubby! I freakin' love that film - Rolf de Heer is a genius