Friday, February 5

nature's valley (of oh shit not again)

so. leaving today for nature's valley with mr hardman and co. he's got some crazy fuckoff 4x4 truck thing that i'm sure it's going to be a lot less comfy to drive in than betty.

but he's stoked. as miss k says, 'die bull het 'n nog paar balle gekry' (the bull got another pair of balls).

speaking of bulls and balls, i bumped into HWSNBN at gym last night. well, i say bumped. i poked him in the arm as i tripped up the stairs trying to look non-plussed. as one does.

fortunately, he barely noticed.

i haven't told you much about him apart from the brief mention in that one column neh?


HWSNBN is not exactly in my 'circle of influence'. He's not really in my circle of reality actually. Basically he is everything i am not about.

he drives a black bmw for crying out loud.

but he is the first man that actually made me feel weak at the knees. very, truly, literally. it was like being in a perpetual celin dion song when he was around. silly really. the man had such a physical reaction on me that i actually had to leave the room when he walked in. either that or i'd make a complete tit of myself. ya know... talk louder, laugh louder, trip over things, choke on my peach... real sexy.

anyway. totally over that of course.



beaverboosh said...

hahaha, ya sure girl... even the post is moist!

dorothy said...

dear bb - it really is/was that bad. deary. i never really understood animal attraction on the very biological level of pheromones (moans?) until him. luckily mr hardman has the same effect on me.

Paige said...

hey i have one of those. mr perfect. it's a crazy thing, but he has such a physical affect on me that the relationship was doomed to fail right from the start.

Anonymous said...

You might want to be proactive and have an idea what you're going to say if you two actually strike up a conversation in the future.

"Soooo... Do you like stuff?"

(I'll be back... found you via a couple common friends).

Sparky said...

its nice to know you're as human as the rest of us, dot dearest.

*blows a kiss*

Spear The Almighty said...


dorothy said...

wtw - i've tried speaking. did once. but it was a party and there was booze involved. and i said too much stupid stuff (stupider than usual) and then he just, kind of, you know, backed away after about 20 or 40 minutes.

sparks - don't you just know it