Thursday, March 4

here we lark again

told you they'd be back. they're like the jack bauer of the SA music scene. every tour is the LAST tour.

they have a 'last tour' once a year.

which is ok with me, because i am smitten. something i've written about here, here, here, and here.

going to watch them on the 13th. whoohoo. i should be more enthusiastic, but it's slim pickings in the enthusiasm orchard this week.

i am surrounded by children and crazy people. (an aside: my fave quote at the moment is: boys will be boys, and so will a lot of middle-aged men. awesome neh? from a lass named kin hubbard.)

crazy person

any. way.

went to watch coal and the sleepers last night at the merc. coal was pretty cool with a very nippy track called 'train' that would easily make radio play. they're kind of goth girl, cranberries meets cocteau twins.

and then the sleepers. wow. i heard they were good but i didn't realise they were that freaking good. they did an unplugged set and i'm killin to know what they're going to let rip with when they plug in.

this is not them. but i couldn't find a pic.

i have a slight case of the fob. i won't lie. i just carent be bloggered.

ha. ha. made that up this week.

not funny?

oh well. i'm hoping my mojo will be back soonest.

oao plums.

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