Wednesday, March 17

my lovely gaga

dear gaga

i've been wanting to write this letter to you for so long now, but cunting youtube was giving me grief with getting your most awesome new telephone video feat her beyonceness.

but whining about the accessibility of new media and the totally futile and ridiculous age restriction proviso this stupid platform made me sign in for isn't your problem. neither is the fact that i couldn't sift through the 50 000 morons that have posted their meaningless drivel with your godlike tag, eventually forcing me to link through your website.

did you do that on purpose? are they your minions, herding the masses to your ubercool interwebs portfolio of awesomeness?

you are so smart.

which brings me back to this, my letter to you my lovely gaga.

i know i took my time in appreciating you. i'm sorry if i neglected to fully let in the wonder and magnitude of your creative edginess - produced just so wonderfully for the hoi polloi - i apologise. i blame queen.

since i was a child i hated that damned gaga song. that awful, flat, plebian radio gaga song that even today gets stuck in my head like a vile thing i saw on stileproject once.

visionary. but i still hate it.

but this is not you my lovely gaga. no. you are not like a vile thing at all. you are a very lovely thing.

i let loose association cloud my judgement. for this i apologise.

only, there is one little issue i have. it's seeing your face. i preferred it better when you were all hidden in drapes and funny hats and scarves and looked like something from the cell; something spawned by marilyn manson's production team and vivienne westwood.


this, boob/sex/popdiva cookie cutter thing...well, it's veering awfully close to britany/paris/rhianna ... you've already done GQ. that's right up there with jennifer aniston, guy. please. please for the love of god don't do cosmo next. or vogue.

just keep being your same lovely freaky self.

in the words of billy, 'don't go changing'.

i love you my lovely gaga, just as you are.

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sparky said...

I gotta say, I don't see what the big deal about her is