Monday, March 15

post secret pic of the week and people i judge

i too try not be judgmental, but as happens so often without me wanting to, i am.

actually, i am very judgmental and i'm ok with that.

i judge the following people and will think they are stupid/rude/sad without much more evidence:
  1. people with fake tans
  2. people who drive very very very big cars
  3. people who tailgate with their very very very big cars
  4. people who get off on thinking they're smarter than everyone else
  5. dogs that poop on the beach and the stupid, thoughtless owners that let them
  7. people with botox lips
  8. women who wear too much makeup
  9. flagrant queens who don't have a stage to contextualise their drama
  10. people who are cruel to animals and old people
  11. parents who are mean and patronising to their children
  12. people who think they're all that because they have money/status/celebrity/a blog (at least until my blog and/or column brings me overwhelming riches and fame)
  13. (i had no idea i hated so many people)
  14. guinea fowls that don't shut the fuck up. ditto hadedas. fuck you.
  15. people who think they are too precious
  16. people who are belittling of humility, friendliness or success
  17. drunk 'car guards'. fuck off.
  18. people with peroxided hair.
  19. people who always use the argument that you're jealous of them when actually they're just cunts.
  20. people who can't laugh at themselves.
ah. that makes me smile.

oh and pigs. i don't like pigs.


Being Brazen said...

Loved this list - so flippin' funny.

I only like pot-bellied pigs myself ....og and bacon...yummy crispy bacon


Niel said...

"There's only two things that I hate: people who are intolerant of other people's cultures... and the Dutch."

- Men with pointy shoes.
- Women who carry dogs in their handbags.
- Possibly all of Camps Bay.

dorothy said...

bb - pot-belly pigs are cute to me for all of 30 seconds and then they're just pigs again. the only pig i have ever liked was babe. i am that sad.

niel - funny. and crocs. and WHITE pointy shoes.

Shello said...
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Shello said...


Hadedas are awesome though.

dorothy said...

not when they're honking on the roof of your house for an hour solid and shit everywhere

Aerin said...

I hate people who use these words:

- plump
- crispy
- cob
- juicy
- sleuth

Shello said...

Your meanness knows no bounds. Hadeda's saved the planet from Parktown prawns and vicious spiders. They don't shit, they fertilize.

dorothy said...

it is boundless meaness :) but if hadedas actually fertilise then i don't judge, i encourage attitude and lifestyle changes

Johnson said...

I went past a lady riding the Argus on Sunday wearing a pair of Crocs. "Maybe she has some medical condition, shame" is what I thought. But probably she's just bat shit insane.

Off topic, but thought you might enjoy this XKCD (the nerdiest of all the nerd online comics):