Friday, April 9

finding your orgasm

Is climaxing all that? Sex columnist Dorothy Black thinks so and gets serious about bridging the orgasm gap

This is for my friend, Beatrice.

I had my first orgasm when I was about 11. It happened quite by accident and took me quite by surprise. Who knew the edge of a mattress on a floor could be so entertaining.

I remember being so taken and bewildered by the contractions I was experiencing, but when my body finally relaxed (in what I was later to learn was an endorphin high), I knew I wanted more where that came from.

Naturally, I became a fervent fan of wanking.


Wladyslaw Podkowinski

i couldn't be funny about this week's column. i've really vascillated between the argument for and against punting the great orgasm as an end in itself.

but they're just so lovely that it hurts when i hear women talk about being ok with being inorgasmic.

so i thought i'd write about that. susie bright continues to be a really awesome source of context for me.

i think it's important to point out that no woman i know - myself included - orgasms all the time during sex. we're all capable of enjoying sex without the 'pay-off' of a climax.

but that's a different story and includes the fact that guys don't have to climax all the time either and sometimes don't. it doesn't mean the sex is crap.

no, this column was for beatrice and other women who believe they must make peace with the fact that they don't come. it's bs and a waste of valuable pleasure time.

oao plums. this has been the longest four day week in history.


Sparky said...

a lot of folks lose sight of the fact that nookie is the physical expression of how you feel for your partner. its not just about getting off...yes, those vigorous moments are fun, but its also those tender moments that you want to last for hours.

sex can be just doesn't have to be penetrative.

dorothy said...

a column for another day > the concept that 'sex' means 'penetrative sex' is a very heteronormative one (SEE WHAT I DID THERE SPEEDHAKOOO!?!)

beaverboosh said...

a couple that comes together stays together

dorothy said...

that doesn't rhyme bb