Wednesday, April 7


column is late. miserable. tired. spent the whole of last night and this morning in a caffeinated stupor. i'm totally miserable. but i'm totally miserable in a little miserable way. a little misery. more like a little meh actually.

ok, so it's not that bad.


anti-mehness: the dotspot is on again tomorrow. if you're not yet aware, yours truly is on sasha martinengo's show every thursday at 10.15 in the dotspot, answering the questions you're too embarrassed to ask anyone else.

this time i'll dose up on rescue remedy.

my personal jesus

i love homeopathic remedies. especially when they contain 27% alcohol.

tonight i vow to:
  1. finish my column
  2. prepare for the show tomorrow so that i do not run the risk of swallowing my tongue
  3. eat well
  4. not touch a drop of caffeine
  5. go to the gym for a sauna
  6. fall asleep at a decent hour
  7. drink lots of water
plans. visualisations. images. these are smart.

oao plums.

plum. that's you.


hyphen8 said...

Goals are important. Unless you're Bafana Bafana, of course.

Sparky said...

bah! I wish I could hear your show, dearest. you must get recordings for me to listen to!!

Monkigirl said...

Interesting titbit: Rescue Remedy tastes like Cognac! For real! And is more expensive per 100ml. Man, I love the stuff...

dorothy said...

@sparky - it's available off-air on something wacky called p.o.d.c.a.s.t.s :)

must link on my blog really

@monkigirl - these are pieces of info that matter in the world. i like you.