Thursday, April 22

Hair down there: To pube or not to pube

Sex columnist Dorothy Black investigates this most pressing of questions and finds herself siding with Team Brazilian.

There is no quicker way to divide a room full of girl friends than with the following question: Do you Brazilian?

There are no fence sitters on this one.

Two camps are created – Team Brazilian and Team Bush. The former might include a smattering of Hollywoods (all off, no landing strip), but the latter is generally a motley crew of full bush and bikini waxes.

Without fail, in South Africa, the majority on either side will be shy about their choice.

Trust me. I’ve brought the topic up about, oh, a million times over the course of the past few months with different groups of women. Generally, this is what I get:



(*i have NO idea who to credit on this lovely pic. if its you pls email*)

this is actually the pic that got me thinking about the column on hairless punanis. found on susie bright's blog in a post that was actually referencing another post by another author (who's blog can no longer be found) that had this image as its header.
bright descibes it as just one of 'the most compelling photographs of cunnilingus' she's ever seen. and i couldn't agree more. i am totally enamoured with it.
i don't often agree with bright's discourse and when it comes to pubes and hair i find her take on it a little yawn, as with some of the comments i was surprised to find on her post about the orgasm deniers.

there are two points that i really wanted to challenge with the 'hair down there' column and that was the usual:
  1. i don't want to look like a 12-year-old (a comment i've also made)
  2. i find it creepy that my man wants me to look like a 12-year-old
here's the deal.

no woman's vagina is EVER going to look like that of a juvenile pre-pube 12-yr old.
of course, i don't hang out watching naked girls that young to make an updated, accurate comparison, but i'm going to guess that regrowth, some stubble etc will put that baby to rest. so to speak.
(also, i keep a landing strip in case my lovers aren't aware of my age when they meet me...cos you know, that happens all the time.)

here's the deal.
newsflash: the vulva is beautiful. and it is beautiful to look at. in my opine, hair gets in the way. men like seeing pussy and the more of it there is to see, the better no?
newsflash2: the vulva feels lovely and soft and is very, very sensitive. ultimately the result of going hairless is not about what is good for HIM. this is what is good and lovely for HER.
i think there has to be a serious shift in perception from who women do what to their bodies for. or something.

the choice to pube or not to pube, is personal but i don't think it should be reactionary.

jack was worried jill might be 12


Sparky said...

I have no problem with foliage.
just de-forest a bit back from the essential areas.

no one likes a nether region afro.

beaverboosh said...

an ex groomed hers in the shape of a little heart, i always went wild!

Anonymous said...

I've cut myself too many times. Unless i have someone to help me. A barber if you will. I'm all about the bush. which reminds me, have you seen the tumblr classic p0rn? Excellently hilarious. Lots of tan lines and big hair (above and below)

Anonymous said...

Wow that cunnilingus pic.... that looks like a tasty pussy ;)