Tuesday, April 6

postsecret pic of the week

i've always said that i'm lucky i was never born rich, famous or beautiful. or worse, all three.

i think it's difficult to build a character that's mostly yours if you have those three factors influencing you and your perception of how the world works around you.

i dunno if that's just plebian bourgeoi rambling. but there you go.

let them eat cake

i read somewhere that the buddhists believe that in your last incarnation before nirvana you are born to a life of wealth and ease, so that you may be free to pursue a life of spirituality.

naturally it's the toughest test of a lifetime.

so the next time you look upon pics of paris hilton just remember she's almost god. luckily she thinks so too.

i wonder what god would look like without make-up?


hyphen8 said...

No, no, it's a trap!

dorothy said...

what?? where??

Anonymous said...

Dear god! I'm further down the food chain than I thought. *sigh*. Time to stop squashing those pesky snails in my garden then.