Monday, April 12

reader comments to cringe by

so this was from an old column that got reposted about teens having sex. anyway, this is the one that really made me wtf loud and hard.

Donnie 4/12/2010 8:27:02 AM
Maybe Dorothy doesnt know or care about many tragedies plagues our society. For example a well to do morther was planning to emigrate with her teenage duaghter in search of a betteer life. Only to find out thet as a prerequisite for relocation to a particular country was to be HIV negative. Unfortuanately her daughter failed the test and dreams were shattered. All because of giving in to hormonal drives as if human beings are animals. Think again, Dorothy.

um. fucknut donnie - are you for real?

'Unfortuanately her daughter failed the test and dreams were shattered.'

so. let me get this straight. the daughter has HIV and the real concern here is not that she wasn't guided through sex education, not that she was left to make decisions that no one -- least of all HER PARENTS -- had prepared her for and now sits with a terminal disease...

no, no, the problem is that the well-to-do mommy can no longer emigrate. because, verily, that is 'a many tragedies that plagues our society'. what the flying bejesus is wrong with this scenario oh donnie the dimwitted?

chimps. evolving where people like donnie left off.

FUCK. people are screwed up.


Tracy Todd said...

It's scary! People are screwed and sadly they are screwing their kids lives in the process. Then they have the cheek to call me DISABLED!

Werner said...

hectic. I can only imagine how long this'll be held against the poor kid. people are indeed messed up.

dorothy said...

yeah, totally fucked. i heard that wannabe pet owners in the UK will have to have a do a test and have a licence to own a pet. kills me that looking after an animal is deemed more important than humans and that mentally deficient people can pop out humans to abuse at a dizzying rate with licences because it's a 'human right'.

kyknoord said...

This may be why many people regard Idiocracy as a speculative documentary.

Sparky said...

like me.
its a chilling prophecy of whats to come.

fatti said...

ok, havent been around for a while,and had some fun catchin up on ur posts and articles-but are u fucking shittin me? are these ppl for real?where does that mentality of "if you ignore it,it will be okay?"wtf? the one poster suggested safe sex education is useless!WTF?and these ppl are allowed to procreate?? WTF?? nice articles Dot, enjoyed the lot of them..thank you!!!

dorothy said...

hey fatti! was actually wondering about you just the other day. as you make up about one fifth of my blog's readership your absence was notable ;)