Monday, April 5

things that shouldn't have been said

when i was a kid we were asked to write a sort of short story/novella thing. our English teacher suggested we write about something we know. as i didn't know much else about anything else, i wrote about my life.

for that i got a A++ and my father not speaking to me for two weeks.

seems not much has changed.

while i still write about my life, the people i piss off aren't my parents anymore (after all after three decades they are well and truly used to me by now), now it's very often the friends, family and lovers i have in my life.

the people that i write about who make up the reasons and contexts of my stupid little ramblings. the people without whom these stupid little ramblings and thoughts would not exist.

mostly they're ok with it, and sometimes they're not. sometimes i overstep some boundaries of privacy. like the post from sunday morning i deleted. some of you might've read it.

you see, to me, everything is a story. sometimes i forget that there are actual feelings involved. i expect everyone, all of us, to be spectators to this ha ha we call life. in a way it's a way i maintain some form of control over the chaos.


i don't know what part of the story i'm in at the mo, but i'm thinking, in terms of narrative structure i'd like to move from drama to a sort of tragicomedy/romcom affair.

thanks. that is all.

oao plums.


hyphen8 said...

Not to worry, I have a really crap memory. It's gone like mist before the morning sun. Had something to do with... bunnies?

dorothy said...

awesome. well done hyphen8. yes. bunnies and milktart. thank god for our ADD generation :)

Anonymous said...

Exactly the reason I've resisted merging Dolce with my real life. The freedom to say things that might hurt (even if the intention is rather to unburden / analyse). Not easy, this interwebs life.

dorothy said...

fuck no.