Friday, May 21

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i know you're lonely. don't hate me. there's been another cry making death. enough already i think. don't you? that's three in a year. well, at least it's over for now.

because You Know What They Say :

if it happens once, it won't happen again; but if it happens a second time, you can be sure it'll happen a third...



Shelldon said...


Anonymous said...

Third time's the charm, but three times is enemy action.
Thrice damned, twice shy, once bitten.
These verification words are starting to creep me out. Mine is "pentup"

dorothy said...


colleague: how's your aunt feeling, dot?
me: dead
colleague: *blink*

@kyknoord - that is funny. the universe speaks in mysterious ways. or was that god speaking in universal ways? or mystery speaking like god in the universe?

i give up.
white flag.

Sparky said...


sorry to hear, hon.

Anonymous said...

Ah fuck. I'm sorry.