Sunday, May 30

PART ONE: a case in two points: gimme a IST

i'm looking back in anger. maybe i shouldn't but what the hey, it's my blog and i'll rant if i want to.

so i'll try to keep this short and sweet.

the column about circumcision pissed a lot of people off.

i love a good debate and i love differing opinions. that's why i do what i do. but don't give me a shit argument.

so. to whit. this response. in two parts.

angry dot

numero een

let me reiterate, the women24 column is a LIGHTHEARTED, FUNNY HA HA piece written by me, a pretty AVERAGE, URBAN, WHITE CHICK, about sex shit I LIKE TO OPINE ABOUT.

it is not

a) meant to be a thesis or research document into pressing matters about penis length or the presence or abscence or pubes. i try to be as encompassing as possible and as measured as possible, but ultimately there is only so much one can say in 600 words and still keep people entertained.

b) meant to be a blanket overview into sex from everybody's fucking point of view. i cannot hope to appeal or placate or amuse or agree or represent everyone from gay men to teenagers in gugs.
'journalistic responsibility always seems to be so relative to who has a problem with what'

c) i am not a sexologist or therapist. i am the least well-paid of the occupational ists. if you're pissed off that my opinion about shit i'm experiencing in my life isn't backed by a degree, i suggest you never level another argument or opinion in public convos for which you are not properly qualified.

pricks. kicking against.

these are not points for debate. they're lame jabs. if you're going to mail me and clog up my inbox please, please make sure that you're sufficiently secure in the belief that your argument doesn't start - or contain - any of the above jabber.

i love you plums. but seriously.


LordFoom said...

Heh. If only we could dictate how folks react to our creative efforts. :)

dorothy said...

i love reaction and i love debate. and i know i shouldn't diss the people that take the time to read and comment but i need a little vent about the same dumbass 'arguments' that get flung about.

this is my letter to the editor,

cape town