Sunday, May 30

PART TWO: a case in two points: a cut too close



i am amazed at the vehemence levelled at me regarding this column. by readers and friends alike. even though i clearly state that i have no issue per se with skin (considering the majority of my lovers weren't cut) or that i don't support making the decision for another human.

if you haven't read the column, checkit here .

here is one of the offending lines in the column:

'Wrap your head around the fact that FGM is the same as male castration.'

One reader kindly pointed out that i needed an anatomy lesson:

EQUAL: ... the testicles when removed (castrated) would be analogous to the ovaries being removed on women. Just saying that you are clearly retarded. And i hope you have your genitals cut without your permission.

(thanks guy. cos it's not like i said: 'Which doesn’t mean I’d make the choice for another human, like a baby or something.')

so i respond:

ME: the point made with the castration v circumcision analogy with women had more to do with the pleasure principle of sex than the biology of reproduction

men can still get an erection and orgasm when castrated their ability to do so is greatly diminished

her ability to orgasm and enjoy sex is practically destroyed when she is circumcised

...99% of the people who support circumcision have no clue how debilitating it really is, and it really is sickening that people justify MGM to FGM because they think one is worse than the other.

i'll reply to this here.

i agree that there is no way people who have not been circumcised will understand the level of debilitation. However, men with cut penises seem, surprisingly, IMHO, to still enjoy sex very very much.

while i believe both practises to have started for the same reason - and at the risk of 'girl pain is worse than boy pain' - i do not think that FGM and circumcision are in the same league of fucked up, whether they run by the same name or not.

FGM: before and after

spot her clit in the 'after'? what about her labia? hope the girl has a g-spot.

circumcision: before and after

female genital mutilation is as serious as any bodily harm that is inflicted on people against their will. but while circumcised men are in the vast majority able to enjoy sex, the women who suffer FGM may never again enjoy sex.

at least we can console ourselves that there are levels of FGM and the most tame is cutting out the clitoris.

go to winds of jihad for some info on FGM.


Shelldon said...

*sigh*... As much as I totally love your posts, the quirkiness of them, the honesty of them (sought of), I'm also really surprised sometimes by your naivety (real or put on)! Sex and politics (and of course religion) are subjects in which everyone out there has strong opinions. Throw into the mix a touchy subject like genital mutilation (or cut/uncut debates) and of course your inbox is going to be flooded! If you're gonna state a position emphatically (whether it be your own opinion or not), people are gonna not just jump casually to conclusions, they gonna throw themselves into the fray with a zeal seldom seen outside of Jihads. I'll put my impressive (in my opinion anyway)uncut John Thomas on the block and bet that at the very least half of the people who filled your inbox didn't read the entire article through to it's bitter end? Hey can I suggest article subjects? Oh and please please post one or two the more outrageous mails you got, I got a long day ahead of me and I need the laff :) Love ya!

Les C said...

Some guys just don't know the difference between right and wrong..putting any pathetic *Touchy subject* Garbage to one side. This is just plain & simple wrong in a modern Civilised world & anyone that perpetrates this crime against a human should be sent to the old penal colony of Devil Island to feed the pigs! Just plain wrong! You talk sense Dot ,If only some people had a bit of common savvy!.

Anonymous said...

you tell 'em D. Arseheads.

kyknoord said...

Don't feed the trolls, it just encourages them.

fatti said...

no comparison.i had 2 do the culture thing,and got circumsised @19 up in the mountains.pretty cool actually.incredible experience.awesome:)having gone through that,and having read up on female circumsion,it freaks me the fuck the fuck can those dumbasses even compare the two? for one thing,sex for me now is awesome..:)brutha can play a set a loooot longer:)and it feels like i feel more.(so dunno bout the less sensation)and thinking about cutting out the clitoris puts such a sick pit in my stomach,i can only compare it to the fear (albeit completely irrational fear of a young teen,witnessing a blade approaching his Sergeant-Major)of the dude fucking up and cutting right through my penis, and scrotum( i did say it was an irrational fear) but the fear was REAL enough.fucking real.this FGM shit is wrong.completely fucking wrong,and no amount of dumbass-edness displayed by "Equal" can justify his completely ignorant remarks.i can only conclude he is one of the ouens that talks of circumsision,having not experienced it,or having had a botched one.(perhaps he experienced my "ir"rational fear?hmmm...) anyways, great article as usual Dot.. :) put a smile on my face as i remembered my time.nothing around to remind you of the real world back home(Except the smuggled radio that got exceptionally awesome reception) up in the hills-just me and the the blue skies, the crisp clean air, the proper dirt, the wandering goats reflecting timelessly on their purpose, the wise owl who frequented the camp, the ruddy meerkat who held long discussions with the shy shrews -and the friendly tokoloshes!- and the awesome weed I had planted months before i went there!! Thanks again..:)

dorothy said...