Wednesday, June 9

future sex love sound

Dorothy Black thinks that if you can vuvuzela, she can make some sex noise!

Over a little biatches brew the other night, Miss America revealed a problem. No, in fact, she revealed two.

‘He doesn’t make a sound in bed. Not a peep. Not even when he cums. It’s weird.’ Oh yes, that is odd we all commiserated. How else are you supposed to know if you’re doing it right.

But then she added.
‘He doesn’t like the fact that I’m, uhm, very audio. He says white girls make too much noise.’


Back up. What? Is this a fact? I haven’t been with too many black African brothers to know, but she has, and she says dudes are quiet as church mice and like their women that way also.
What the hey?


ok so this isn't at all a sexy pic. but it seemed funny when i started doing it and by the time i'd exhausted my creativity in that final line i realised it prolly worth it.

so here're some pretty orgasm faces:

pay to see more at

for those overseas folk who do the whole soccer/football thing, a vuvuzela is a little plastic horn that will blow your eardrums out at the game and probably be the sole reason bafana bafana, our national team, make it past the second round.

it made the tweetstream trending topic high today, so it's important.

this is the stadium in my city, cape town

if you'd like some pics on awesome south africa is - regardless of what the stupid brit press is saying - check out pics at's big picture.


Sparky said...

I, for one, will be glad when this soccer lunacy ends. 2 hours in traffic to travel 20km to or from work??? I am not amused.

as for the audio thing, I've never met a particularly vocal partner. sighs and a few moans, but nothing that would really bother the neighbors.

maybe I'm doing it wrong.

but I have no problem with a partners enthusiastic response. I tend to be a bit on the quiet side, with the exception of whispered words of encouragement or praise.

Sparky said...

PS - that image they used in the column is fakking awesome.

dorothy said...

LOL i think it's kinda of creepy. doesn't look like she's coming at all. as the tag says : woman screaming :)

Sparky said...

I guess that just goes to prove why it appeals to me, then...ha ha.