Sunday, June 13

postsecret pic of the week

where do you get a cellphone jammer? i want one! i want for the following people:

1. dickheads who do not switch their cellphones off in a theatre.

2. the dickheads above who then ANSWER the call and TALK during the show. what is wrong with you? seriously. you're as stupid and inconsiderate as road retards and dance floor bag ladies.

3. people who take a call while driving (i do this all the time) BUT THEN slow down to a crawl in the fast lane because multitasking does not involve common sense.

4. i love twitter. but i don't like people who forgo a full experience of an event just so that they can twitter about it. i understand that this is largely a conceptual issue, but trust me, when the glare from your iphone screen is actually fucking with the lighting and ambience in a theatre i want to hit you in the face.

that all sounds a lot more aggressive than i'm feeling for really reals. cos i'm actually feeling pretty fine.

anyhoos. most of you'll prolly read this tomorrow. so. hope you're having a happy happy monday.


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