Monday, June 7

postsecret pics of the week

the problem with a blog is that if you're going to do it right, you kinda need to keep it updated very, very regularly. like, once a day minimum.

much like a good bowel movement.

i always intend to do this. the blogging that is.

like, i'll swear that if i have to wake up at sparrow's fart to get something blogged then by god i will wake up at sparrow's fart and blog something. anything, as long as i keep those click click clickety clicks coming through.

i've just never really understood that saying ya'know

but then. life happens. deadlines hit, pictures need to be framed, sex needs to be had and endless, wintery days and nights need to be filled with cooking of delicious food, quilted naps and more sex. and then a nap. and then friends who make hangovers that require napping.

(winter hangovers require more sleep. something to do with metabolism or something. true story. well, no not really. but still. that's what i tell myself...)

so. at least i can say that if blogging isn't happening i'm at least filling my time with something super interesting. like napping.

also. i do not function well in the endless goddamn night that is cape town at the moment. it's why i couldn't live in the uk. (read: yuck, it's a silent 'yu'.)

i cannot wait until the solstice when the sun starts coming back and we can all break out into song and dance.

my parents have four of this same album. four.

anyhoo. what this blog is about is actually my postsecret of the week. and fuck me plums, the choices were HECTIC this week. i couldn't just choose one.

i've got two friends that have fucking awful mothers but they just carent seem to divorce them.

ooo ooo, which reminds me, i'm going to be doing a little something something for parent24 also. a sort of 'notes from the other side; things your single friends have been meaning to tell you' thing.

does my opinionated self know no bounds?!


well. what more is there to say about this one.

good thing this person never tried acid then. (though it could be argued that psychosis is just enlightenment's ugly sister)

kids, if you want to know whether you'll go crazy one day, drop some a and do away with needless waiting. i'm good to go. apparently.

and then i include this one because i need to know whether i'm the only one that went "what the flying bananas is THAT?!" fertile eggs? if this is making me sound very very ignorant then so be it, but what IS this?! why would anyone buy this? do we have this in SA and the packs are just not marked?

please. someone. anyone. explain this. i eagerly await your reply.

until then. that's my input for now. column is late. deadlines are looming. my house is a mess. and there's napping to be had.

love with sprinkles


Les C said...

I suppose you could fry the Fertile Eggs on a Solid Fry top...Mmm never tried a Chick'n Egg Bacon Butty for breakfast you wrapping the bacon around the chicken? They say Chicken brains are good a lot of Vultures here in Africa? just a thought like I am generally a soft natured ,kind at heart conservationist Meat eating Irishman :-)

Sparky said...

"psychosis is just enlightenment's ugly sister"

that just made my FB status, credited to you obviously, dahlink.

kiss kiss

dorothy said...

why thank you! i've been told being quoted is, like, 1/100000 of the way to being fantastically famous :)

Sparky said...


you're almost there!
don't forget us little folk when you "make it"

dorothy said...

i might not have an option i'm afraid, by the time i've made up the distance i'll probably be toying with senile dementia. cancel cancel cancel