Tuesday, June 15

a sexy mofo

i scootered into work today (cos that's how i roll) with the sweet sound of terence trent d'arby being all husky and sexy and signing his way into my heart...

when i was growing up (i hate that phrase, but it's better than 'blossoming into the woman that i am today') i remember feeling strange stirrings in my young self every time one of his songs from hardline came on the radio. (sign your name, wishing well, dance little sister, rain...)

i was too young to follow his music past that first smash album (and had already dedicated my soul to johnny depp) but this man and his voice taught me what sex and love should sound like.

i haven't heard his new stuff as Sananda Maitreya, but i reckon the time is right for the return of the hardline.


Sparky said...

I have the album "vibrator" if you want to borrow it sometime.

dorothy said...

ooooo is it good?

Sparky said...

I'm not a fan.
you can actually have it. will drop it off next time we get together for skinner, shits and giggles.