Wednesday, June 30


Sex columnist Dorothy Black talks to a strip club frequent flier to discover where the appeal lies.

So here’s the story.

X is married with two kids and has a full-time, senior-positioned, demanding job. On the side, and unbeknownst to X’s partner, X likes to unwind at top-end strip clubs.

Well, I say ‘unwind’. I actually mean, ‘go to a strip club after work (during work) with a friend (after concocting some fib about traffic or working late), get completely rat-assed, go wild with the dancers, max the credit card and eventually, at the end of the evening, shag the friend before going home’.

Typical dude, you might say. Yawn. Boys.

Except that X is a woman.


every time i think of the ultimate strip show, i think of the dance of the seven veils.

it is said that salome danced this dance to inflame king herod with desire so that he would do her bidding when she asked for john's head.

yes, but would you get naked for it?

oscar wilde wrote a play (called simply salome) in colloboration with strauss, which i was very excited to see when it came to taiwan. sadly i forgot that i was in taiwan. prudish, dull, grey, taiwan.

salome was set in germany and the dance of the seven veils was executed by a number of little children running the stage with different coloured, um, veils.

i felt so cheated. i too wanted to see a woman could get naked in a way that would inflame with desire.

i felt oscar's ennui

anyway. i'll more about this later. i have manic deadlines.

X msged to say she liked the column. "Everyone has their vices after all. who are we kidding if we say we don't."


Sparky said...

sadly, strip clubs do nothing for me.
not a damned thing.

= (

Shelldon said...

me neither... if anything I find them quite sad places

Anonymous said...

Mmmm...the idea of X pushes all kinds of buttons for me. I'll need to ponder this.