Saturday, July 10

click click

just woke up to the sound of rain. i have never been happier to have shitty weather.

yeah. ok, in retrospect this looks a little crazy, but it made me smile.

when you're feeling crap and sad and just generally grunty there's nothing worse than a happy sunshiny day. it's intimidating really. especially in cape town where, when summer does blossom unexpectedly for a few days in the middle of winter, there's all the expectation to be happy and summery and sundownery and light and joyful and exposed, when all you want to do is hide in a little dark hole and die for a bit.

it just makes me want to vom.

i thought i'd continue the winter theme. you like?

i mean, i'm a sunshine gal; i consider 24˚C (75.2˚F) to be cold and the dark depresses me. but. my god, there is nothing more awesome than the near shakespearean pathos of shit weather to shit mood.

so. anyway. i've decided to write 1000 words a day towards something resembling to a book. and blog as much and as often as possible, because it's a funner version than the morning papers. besides, mr hardman gave me his laptop to use after my desktop crashed and is letting me keep it til i eventually get sorted (oh the joy of living a credit-cardless life). he's kind that way. but it also means i can blog from bed. fun.


about that click click. i'm in danger of buying into my 24-hour grace period of FUCK-YEAH, but after spending the whole of yesterday a solitary slobbering mess (the chefs insisted i go meltdown at theirs but i'm so tired of being a social buttercry and sometimes that shit just needs to keen out in confinement), where i sobbed out a small river and i couldn't even wank i was so depro, i have decided that today will be sads-free.

i dunno either, but it seemed appropriate

well. as much as possible. i still woke up to duran duran's out of my mind swirling around my head. so that doesn't help. BUT breakfast in a bit with miss america, a night out with the chefs and co and a good read - they fuck you up - courtesy of labushka, should see me through today.

and then tomorrow. um. yeah i'll deal with that then.

oao plums

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Anonymous said...

have couch. have wine. have internet connection. Me cassa, su cassa.