Saturday, July 31

heart friends

there's this saying that friends come into your life for a season, a reason or a lifetime. i reckon you only know which is which after a few years of knowing -- or unknowing -- someone.

between these people that will pepper your days and make up your existence and memories are your heart friends.

they're the ones who accept you without judgement but know when to tell you you're being reckless with your heart, your life, your body or your mind.

they're the ones that know how to let you cry, create, shout, keen, love, lose, rage, want, weep, laugh, run, go mad and desire without calling into question your reasons.

they're the ones who will tell you when it's time to see a shrink, make peace with your family, love your body, follow your dreams and accept that you're more than ok.

and then.

there within your little group of heart plums will be those who make you feel like you can fly. that there is nothing in the world you cannot do.

consider this a little ode to my heart friends. you know who you are. i love you.

and then my little ra-ra song for the evening given to me by @jeanbarker (check out her site, signlanguage).

it's just the MOST awesome song in my world. maybe a little twee, but i'm a flake that way sometimes...

'can we be down with ourselves'... fuck it's so tao of poo, i LOVE...

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Sparky said...

awesome post, ma'am.