Friday, July 9


sometimes i just think this would be fucking easier.


Shelldon said...


"Impartial to all,
free from excessive attachment,
or false hope and expectation;
accepting, tolerant and forgiving."

By holding on to that, which in any case is forever slipping through our fingers, we just get rope burn.

Have a great day :)

mels said...

:( any way I can cheer you up?

Sparky said...

keep in mind, you still have me as a fallback husband for when you turn 35.

no wait...come back! is the screaming and flailing arms in the air while running away really necessary?

dorothy said...

@shelldon - thanks. i think.
@mels - :) hmmm, would it be too opportunistic to ask for cupcakes now?
@sparky - holy crap i better a freakin move on....

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Give that man some Zam-Buk.

mels said...

cupcakes it is! :)

Anonymous said...


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