Monday, July 19

sassy gay friend

what are you doing?! what, what, what are you doing?

k. so i'm often a slow on the uptake. but, um, for those of you who didn't know about SGF either, here are two very awesome clips from the youtube shorts.

so funny.

SGF and Eve

SGF and Juliet

we all need a SGF. mine have all left and now live in various parts of the world.

speaking of which, i'm very, most excited to tell you that b and jesse (that link to jesse's blog may or may not be up when you click through. boy changes blogs like... well, like a very changy thing) will be guest posting once a month on pop culture/sex/life/whatever interests them from the east and west respectively.


(i'm assuming these freaking videos are taking up about the width of you dire need of...)


Sparky said...

would you settle for a sassy straight friend? somewhat more sartorially challenged, but with twice the sass (and easily 10 times the smut)

dorothy said...

did you see the videos? will you wear a scarf?

Sparky said...

first answer : yes
second answer : there's more chance of a woman saying yes to me and not pressing charges the following morning (see sartorially challenged)

Jesse said...

Jesse no longer has a blog. His readership climbed to about 4,000 and he jumped ship... and then started a new one a year later... and then felt too much pressure... and then just gave up all together and decided it was easier to write a post or two for various friends. Back from vacation and I'm on it...

Angela said...

I am SO making an aspect of my inner masculine a SGF!!

hilarious!! great post...

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