Tuesday, July 6

toot toot

every time i 'toot toot' it reminds me of a character in twin peaks that used to do that...

can't remember if it was cooper or jerry horne. prolly cooper. anyway. i digress. i am finally out of the woods with regards to a crazyass time and now sit in the post-death, post-deadline 1, post-breakup, post-deadline 2 freakout funk where my mind resembles the red room.

laura palmer's father killed her (well, him possessed by BOB), just in case you forgot.

anyway. mind. red room. fuzz.

here's lady gaga.

there she was justa walkin down the street

well, no actually she was working at lazari. we walked past, i shouted LADY GAGA?! and her mates said, honey, put that diva on a stage and she'll be anything you want.


she was a lot prettier than this dude:

suppose it's better than the bush of dreams.

and then, look, labushka's feet in dorothy-type shoes!


so been watching the soccer, watching seriously unfunny movies (dunno what's up with that: seven pounds, funny people [some funny bits but on the whole pretty depressing. much like chris mac], the assassination of jesse james...), smoking (fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck), drinking (bleugh), trawling datingbuzz (RESEARCH YA'LL), watching oprah and sleeping.

all very non-groovy post-anything-bad activities.

so i've decided to stop it.

tot hier toe en nie verder nie
(til this far and no further. or something.)

as my mom would say. she also says, ons het nou tee nodig vir hierdie katastrophe (dunno how to spell that...). i kinda just substitute 'tee' with 'wine'. same difs.

so. anyway. meeting up with mr hardman tonight for a little debrief (listen up kids, never break up over the phone. it's just stupid.). not looking so much forward to that. hence the being awake at sparrows fart again this morning.

toot toot.

oao plums.


Sparky said...

ugh. datingbuzz.
no one ever responds to my mails anymore.

*fed up face*

sorry about your crappy time, dot. you want to hang out on sunday? I can bring music...or movies...whatever.

dorothy said...

sounds groovy but i got another funeral to go to. jesus. that'll make it four funerals and a wedding this year (well, past 12 months).

Sparky said...

you're like the anti Hugh Grant.
in every conceivable way

Anonymous said...

When you got a fri free for the Bel and i to make a turn?

Anonymous said...

Lines in the sand are useful. More so than lines on the glass-top coffee table, but maybe that's just me.

Anonymous said...

Ah liewer fok.


dorothy said...

@dolce soon. for now i just want to crawl into a little dark hole and die for a bit

Anthony said...

Hi Dorothy... me again... how can I find you on datingbuzz?

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